A low-maintenance garden for a busy family

The idea was to have a sociable space for entertaining and relaxing that didn’t require too much looking after.  No cutting the lawn on a summer’s evening,  just flopping down onto the sofa with a glass of wine!

Into a relatively small space we managed to fit a hot tub, a generous circular sofa with fire pit, a barbecue with built-in work surfaces and a large table for seating the extended family.

The space was divided up using contrasting areas of Bradstone paving.  Large planters from Adezz were used to add some softening colour and height in the form of small trees.  The fencing was made from western red cedar and adds a warm colour to the stylish greys.   Yew hedging was planted around the boundary and will be clipped into a formal low hedge.

The last picture shows how the garden looked before the transformation.