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Portfolio > A garden design for a steep slope

Existing Site:
The garden was dominated by a steep slope comprising scree, rocks, some small terraces and some stretches of stone wall. It was possible to scramble up to the top level but only with difficulty.

The lower area had a patchy lawn and a wooden deck.

Client Brief:
The client wanted to be able to look after the area without risking life and limb and to be able to make use of the flatter, sunnier area at the top of the slope to grow vegetables.

Design Solution:
The slope was terraced using oak sleepers which weather to a silvery colour. The existing stone walls were incorporated into the scheme to add interest. Steps were included so that all levels were accessible for maintenance and cultivation. The planting, when mature, will spill over the edges of the sleepers, softening the structure. At ground level the deck was removed and the lawn replaced with sandstone paving.

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