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Existing site:
The garden was overgrown and neglected with many self-sown trees in difficult places and a jungle that was slowly engulfing the garden from the bottom end. On the plus side there were a lot of very happy birds.

The most important requirement was for there to be something in the garden to enjoy every single day of the year.

In addition, the family’s long ‘wish-list’ included a wildlife-pond, a kitchen garden, a shady spot for eating outside in the summer, sunbathing space, wildlife-friendly plants, meadow grass, quiet spots for sitting, deep borders for trying out lots of different plants and compost heaps.

Design solution:
The garden plan was developed in a series of sweeping curves and circles that result in easy movement around and between the different areas. Clipped, formal, circular hedges will enclose some spaces, restricting the view, and in other areas they will lead the eye, as well as the feet, onwards.

The main part of the garden was only completed in Spring 2011and mature hedging plants were used to enable the structure of the garden to become established as quickly.

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