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Portfolio > A garden design for evening entertaining

Existing site:
The plot had been extended slightly with a new brick boundary wall and a new garden room was to be built across the end of the garden.

Client Brief:
The garden will be redesigned around the new building to give a terrace suitable for evening entertaining. There should be enough lawn remaining to play badminton and table tennis. Several pines, currently in pots, should be accommodated if possible.

Design solution:
A brick raised bed was used to delineate the seating area outside the garden room. This was planted for a long season of interest using bulbs to extend the seasons. Wooden uprights provided a framed 'window' through which to view the rest of the garden. Many different materials had been used in the original garden and these were greatly simplified in the new scheme to give a more coherent look. A fire-pit formed the focus of the seating area. The pine trees were all planted as part of a 'Colorado' border with rocks and alpines, which reminded the clients of their time living there.

Landscaping by the client's builder.

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